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Dr. Michel Malboeuf

General Dental Surgeon

Dr. Michel Malboeuf graduated in Dentistry from the Université de Montréal in 1989, where he developed a passion for rehabilitation dentistry, aesthetics and orthodontics. He early on made it his mission to build a team of dental hygienists and general dental surgeons providing high quality services beyond the established standards.

Throughout the years, constant professional development lead him to improve his skills in prosthodontics (crowns and bridges), prosthetic implantology, occlusion myofunctional therapy and orthodontic procedures through conventional methods (braces) or with the Invisalign system. As training is at the core of his success, he always pushes his colleagues to continually get educated in the field they are passionate about.

Balance between family/health/work/hobbies is very important to Dr. Malboeuf. He therefore always takes time for his other passions: his precious circle (family and friends), cooking, drawing and hiking.