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Intraoral Camera

A picture is worth a thousand words

Benefits of the intraoral camera:

  • Viewing certain anomalies;
  • Makes it easier to explain the issue to the patient;
  • Allows the dentist to conduct a thorough exam and give a more complete diagnosis.

More benefits:

  • Clients can see the amount of tartar deposit;
  • Clients can see the stains on their teeth;
  • Clients can assess the state of their gums;
  • It completes and puts images on the dentist and hygienist’s instructions;
  • Archived photos allow for a closer monitoring;
  • Your oral health’s evolution is measured;
  • You can add complementary information when you fill out an insurance form.

Most importantly:

  • The client can be more involved with the dentist in the elaboration of a dental plan.