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Primary teeth filling

Why would a primary tooth, destined to shed, need a filling?

Certain primary teeth will not shed until the child reaches the age of 12. A tooth in need of a restoration may be found among these. Broken or infected teeth can cause health troubles and affect your child’s self-confidence.

During a restorative procedure, the dentist removes the carie and puts filling material on the tooth. The goal is to prevent decay from doing more damage.

Without restoration, decay spreads, sometimes to the point of requiring tooth extraction. If it is the case, your child will need a space-maintainer to leave enough room for the permanent tooth to erupt. When a primary (milk) tooth is missing, the teeth surrounding could take up more space and prevent the permanent tooth to grow.

A filling therefore becomes an easy and cost-efficient way to take care of a problem that, left untreated, could be painful and expensive.