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Dental sealants

About dental sealants

Tooth decay is the most common dental affliction in children. Oral health professionals recommend the application of dental sealants as the safest and most efficient way to prevent its occurence and maintain a healthy smile over many years.

Sealants are a thin layer of composite-type filling material applied to the surface of your posterior teeth to prevent dental caries. If the white deposit (dental plaque) remains on your teeth it can lead to decay that, if left untreated, causes cavities.

Sealants are the most efficient method to prevent plaque from accumulating in the hard-to-access spots. They are usually applied on permanent molars and premolars, but can sometimes be put on the primary teeth. Since the sealants are applied on posterior teeth, they are invisible when you talk or smile.

Benefits of dental sealants

  • Cover up the pit and fissure where cavity-causing bacteria and food accumulate.
  • Are applied on harder-to-reach teeth on which dental plaque will most likely build up.
  • Are cost-effective: the application of a sealant is half or a third of the costs of a filling to repair a cavity.


Dental sealants are very efficient in preventing tooth decay. Their application considerably reduces pit and fissure caries, more so than fluoride treatments and other preventive methods.

It is recommended to replace or fix any damaged sealant, complete or partial, to maintain efficiency over the years.


Risks linked to dental sealants’ application are low. They are not made from products or agents judged toxic and when correctly applied, there have been no known occurrences of caries formation under the sealant. There has in fact been some instances during which the sealant stopped the progression of a small carie.

Best candidates for sealant application

  • Individuals with newly-erupted permanent teeth.
  • Individuals that are predisposed to dental decay.

Talk to your oral care professional to learn if the application of dental sealants is good for you or your child.


Dental sealant application constitutes a simple procedure.

First, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and a product is then put on for better adherence of the sealant. Finally, the sealant is applied on the teeth to cover up the fissure. No local anesthesia is necessary.

Dental sealants are efficient, easy to apply and cost-effective. Please note that sealants are to be included in a complete dental care program that includes exam, fluoride intake, toothbrushing, flossing and healthy eating habits.

For more information on dental sealants, contact a member of our team of professionals.