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Nova dent



1 - Empty one full pouch into ¾ cup (185 ml) of tap water (so that the crystals dissolve faster). The cleaning solution is specially formulated to be used for 7 consecutive days.

2- Rinse the denture with hot tap water before soaking to dislodge food particles.

3 - Soak the denture for a minimum of 15 minutes per day or overnight.

4 - Rinse thoroughly with hot tap water before putting the denture back into the mouth.

For the first use, we advise you to let your denture soak in the cleaning and disinfecting solution for 8 hours (overnight), in order to make it smooth and clean (without bacteria, virus or fungus). Then, discard the solution and prepare a new one that will last 7 days. Repeat this step if the treatment is interrupted for more than 2 weeks.

Please note: There is a Nova Dent Ultra Soft IP version. This formula is designed for implant-supported dentures, soft-base dentures and seamless orthodontic appliances. Do not use Nova Dent products (regular or Ultra Gentle IP) for orthodontic appliances with solder. These products can melt the solder of the braces.